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     In Brooklyn, New York, Michelle acquired a thirst for the undying love of God at an early age.  She is very grounded and proud of her Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage.  Her fluency in Spanish provides her with more versatility to connect with those that may not speak or understand English as well.  With a Latin guitarist for a father who played for the "Los They and I Band" in the '60s', music played a major role in her life.

     At the age of sixteen, while some of her friends engaged in alternative life choices, she made the decision to follow Christ.  Some know her as Michelle, and others call her Michelle B but Jesus simply calls her daughter.  Although a Christian, Michelle was still uncertain as to her calling and exactly what gift God had given her.  However, in 1997 God opened her eyes and showed her higher purpose.  

     We are taught that God loves the heart of the persevering worshiper because it shows faithfulness and commitment.  Michelle is definitely a true worshiper of Jesus Christ.  

     When one stays in the will of God, unimaginable blessings  will become a way of life.  This was evident when attending a Holy Hip-Hop concert in Brooklyn.  Michelle met Lee Jerkins (President/CEO of Rock Soul Entertainment.)  Over a period of a year, Jerkins took time to get to know Michelle the person, and was impressed with her dedication to live a Christ-centered life.  Jerkins saw a diamond in the rough and offered her the opportunity to be a part of the RockSoul Vol.1 compilation project.

     She is featured alongside T.R.U.T.H. and the Ambassador of the Crossmovement on "Better Days" and her critically acclaimed solo debut, "Faithful".  Since then, she has received many opportunities. ministering at Carnegie Hall and Yankee Stadium, to name a few.  

     She can also be heard singing on the Crossmovement's new Album Higher Definition as well as the new Crossmovement Christmas Album with label mate J-Silas.   

I have a thirst to know God the way Michelle does.


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