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My name is Ricardo Almighty; at least that is what I used to think. I grew up in Lorain, OH which has a large Latino population. Ever since I was young, my parents always used to drag my brother and myself to church. It was a point in my life where I knew about Christ, but I didnít have a personal relationship with him. At that time I always lived by the moment rather than, living in light of eternity. Everything at that time was all about me. I didnít have the slightest care for others at all. One example of this is whenever I got aggravated it was a common theme that I would punch or kick a wall just to release my anger on something. This usually ended up with me being grounded for several weeks and my dad fixing the wall; my life was a wrecking ball ready to destroy anything that came in my path. There were times when I even walked out on my parents and not respected their authority over me. In a sense I was my own god in my life.†

A common theme of being a guy is that we try to impress women. When I was in 6th grade I went camping with my school, I decided to run down a slide in effort of impressing my 6th grade crush, it ended up with a not so impressive collar bone injury and having to head to the ER. That was the moment when I truly came to the realization that I am not God. †From 6th grade until my first year in college I was searching for the truth. I would go to church, Sunday school, yet still there was a void in my life. I had such an emptiness and I would try to fill it with different things such as computer games, band, and even pornography, all of which came back void. †When I went to Ohio State I came in contact with several people with Campus Crusade for Christ. One of them shared with me that God loves me and has a plan for my life; that we all sin and fall short of Godís Glory; that Christ died on the cross for forgiveness of our sins, and because of Christ death and resurrection, we can have a personal relationship with him. †I didnít immediately receive Christ when they shared it with me but through their follow ups and sharing there lives with me I soon leaped into a relationship with Christ. Life by no means became easier because I had given my life to Christ.  It meant that I no longer was able to live by what the world saw as good but by what is good in Godís eyes. My freshman year was a year of change in my life, I attended Bible Study, Real life which is our weekly meeting and continually was being built into the man God intended me to be, and by spring quarter I was already sharing my faith with others. Due to this radical transformation God has continually put me in positions to further his Kingdom. Now I am 5th year music major at the Ohio State University and God has me leading the Destino movement there, so that Ohio State may become a pipeline of Latino Christ Centered Laborers.

I would like to hear more about Christ too.


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