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     When I got to university, I did not know Christ. I said I believed in Him but I only remembered God in the times when I needed something from Him. My life was empty because I was stuck in some bad things back home in Mexico. I used to hang out with friends involved with the occult and was surrounded by a bad environment. I liked darkness. I did not worship the devil, but I talked about him a lot. 

     One day last semester I met Jorge. He invited me to a meeting on campus (Destino). I went and I liked it from the first time. I started going regularly and I learned many things from the talks and from talking with the students involved. I started to feel more interested in God, asking questions about many things I did not understand. When I was there hanging out with Destino, I realized that this life with Christ was so beautiful. And everyone has a chance for this life but I had not taken it. 

     One day I felt really lonely and was under a lot of pressure. I felt a heavy weight on my back. Slowly I realized that I wasn't alone but that Jesus was with me. He had been there all the time but I never saw Him or let Him come into my life. I knelt down in my bedroom and just talked to Him as my best friend for almost an hour. 

     I could feel that He was there for me and would understand all my problems and give me some comfort. After that I felt a great peace. I called Jorge and told him all that had happened. He was so excited and told the other guys in Destino. Everyone was cheering and clapping. I felt really good. This happened because God put Jorge in my path so that I could know Him.

I would like to have Jesus in my life too.


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