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Having been called into the ministry of music, this young artist at twenty years of age is bringing up a message through hip hop. Throughout his life, Ignite has seen secular rap pull those close to him down as well as himself. With his gift of combining music and lyrics, Ignite has opened himself to the Lord so that through music, the Holy Spirit may "Ignite" a fire for the Lord in the hearts of all people.

"Encender El Fuego - Ignite the Fire" is a Spanish/English mix solo album that Ignite has just completed. The Reggaeton of Latin and South America mixed with the Rap and R&B of the U.S. brings a new flavor to Holy Hip Hop. Ignite uses his gift of music to minister to the people of Ecuador and seeks to spread the message of the cross through music giving all glory and recognition to God.

"God has called me to ministry through music. Too many times I have seen the destructive effects of secular rap in the lives of the youth in society. The message of secular music stands in opposition to the Gospel so through Holy Hip Hop I'm presenting the message of the cross with love. Everything is done to the Glory of God and I seek to make his name known to all. He is the one who receives all recognition for this music. I pass this music out for free and I do concerts at no cost because I look to get this music into the hands of everyone possible. My aspirations in music is that the name of the Lord be known in the hearts of all people-"

I want to know Christ

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