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Claudia's story

My name is Claudia Carolina Huerta and I recently graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso, obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in English-Creative Writing and a minor in Translation.  I have always thought that 

I communicate best through the written word, and it is through these subsequent lines that I share my story with you in hopes that it will serve to help you grow in your love for God and your love for others.

One of the most important and memorable experiences I had when I was going to college was finding out that I could know Jesus Christ personally.  Coming from a somewhat religious background, I had formed several different images of God and Jesus Christ in my mind.  Most of these images were of a distant, demanding and unforgiving God.  I lived in fear of the wrath of God—thinking that I should always be a good person—if not I would never enjoy the presence of God in Heaven.  In fact, I saw it as my responsibility to earn God's love and thus eternal life.  Consequently, since I knew that sin was stronger than I was, I thought I would never be perfect enough to deserve God's love.

My worries and doubts dissipated when I met several people who had a personal relationship with Christ and shared his love with me.  I learned that God loved me no matter what and that his love was so great for me that he sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for my sins.  Therefore, if I believed in Him I would be saved, meaning that I would be able to enjoy eternal life in Heaven through no effort of my own, but through the powerful love of God.  I finally felt free (not free in the sense that I could do whatever I wanted) but free in the sense that God gave me the ability to choose Jesus Christ as my savior.  As a result of accepting Him as my Lord and Savior, I became more aware of His role in my life.  I no longer pictured Him as distant or unforgiving, rather as benevolent and very real.
Coming to know Christ in a more personal way did not lead to a dramatic life-changing event, in my case.  There were neither destructive habits to get rid of nor major things to fix or correct in my life; however, my way of thinking did change quite a bit.  God shaped my attitude and personality, helping me to be more positive and cheerful when confronting problems in my life.  Furthermore, He helped me gain confidence in myself and taught me that things would be easier to handle if I kept Him in my heart at all times.

Today, he continues to be a powerful influence in my life, and I am thankful for the many blessings He has given me.  I was recently involved in an automobile accident, which could have been much worse had He not been there with me.  I am very glad to have met people with such a love and desire to tell others about Him because if it weren't for them, I would not have known that the God whom I had heard and read about was as real as each and every person living in this planet.  He loves me unconditionally, just the way I am, because he created all that I am.  He provides me with a sense of purpose and a certainty about life that will not be shaken by the strongest winds.

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