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Latinos: We are People of Passion!

Turn the Television on and switch channels to any Spanish station and you will find passion! Two Latin lovers passionately expressing their love to one another, usually the man sets out to conquer, pursues the heart of his future love, he plunges into the chase whole-heartedly!

But then irony sets in. After the chase is over, after he has conquered, the passionate fire in his heart for his love loses its spark. Once he has conquered, his interest shifts and soon bales out of the relationship and he is off on a new conquest.

I can relate as a Hispanic. Most of my life I lived out this pattern. Pursuing women and then once conquered, I bailed out, and began looking for a new love. I had plenty of passion but I left behind a trail of broken commitments. I was a passionate person who lacked commitment, lacked purpose, lacked direction and it was this passion that almost brought me down. In the heat of passion I made promises I was unable to keep. I realized that passion without a commitment can be dangerous, it can be hurtful, insensitive and it can be damaging.

In college I learned our race is very prone to opposite extremes fueled by our passions. One moment a Latino will defend to the death the virginity of his sister but not hesitate to destroy the virginity of a woman whose heart he has conquered in courtship.  
It was in the Catholic Church I began to find answers about passion and commitment and my first introduction to God and the Saints. As I grew in my studies of the bible I learned about a Saint that was just like me, Peter. Most of us know the story of Saint Peter in the beginning of his relationship with Jesus he was the guy who in his passion always made promises he didn’t keep. You might recall the event when Peter was adamant about never leaving Christ. Jesus tells Peter, “This very night before the rooster crows, you will disown me three time. But Peter said, even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.” Later that evening Saint Peter was confronted three times about knowing Jesus and before the rooster crowed he denied ever-knowing Christ. Peter went away crying bitterly because he remembered what Jesus had said.

Later in the New Testament you read of a different Peter, a man who’s passion became an asset. I wanted to know what transformed this man of empty promises, misguided passions, being undependable, the guy who would vacillate back and forth; into a man of conviction, commitment, dependability, and a man who focused his passions on God.

The answer was very obvious; Peter became a changed man as he walked with Jesus. I began to comprehend Saint Peter didn’t just revere Jesus he developed a relationship with Jesus Christ. It was this relationship that fueled a passionate commitment to God and his purposes. It was his relationship with God that caused is passion to be united with commitment.  

All my life I have been passionate, it flows throughout my Latin veins! I believe this is a gift from God. He has uniquely designed me to be a man of passion. And when I came to know Christ personally, I, like Saint Peter was transformed into a new man whose passions have become as asset and no longer a liability.

Now I fully understand the words spoken by Jesus Christ, “I came that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” My life has always been full of passion but with no purpose and no meaning. But now in Christ I have deep meaning and direction. Each day I enjoy channeling my God given passion for fulfilling his purposes.  

I want to investigate more about Christ.

By: Pastor Alex Garcia – Founder of Destino

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